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Friday, October 11, 2013

1970s California Art Pottery Weed Pots

I finally decided to part with my collection of pots I had on my kitchen windowsill. I can't, however, promise I'll never buy another one....

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vintage Barbershop Supplies House of Hawick Pottery - Deadstock

Great old-time men's toiletries, in great little pottery bottles - all sealed, with product inside. To top it all off, a oh-so-macho shaving mug. All the graphics are clear and bright with very little wear - any barber would love these to put on the shelf.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fave of the Day - Bad A** Bust - Breaking Bad's Heisenberg

This guy's work is pretty freakin' amazing - The shows not bad either! This little beauty may keep you up nights -- I don't know how well I'd sleep having this bust glaring at me, but it certainly deserves a special spot on the shelf.

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1950s Vintage Silk Scarf - Old School Sports

I can see a cheerleader, circa 1950, wearing this around her neck - graphically nostalgic images of men playing sports - love the short shorts and leather helmets.

Silk, hand-hemmed.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fave of the Day - French Post Box in Cast Metal

Oooo la la, I like! Why does everything sounds better when it's in French? Even the mail sounds sexier.  In a sunny yellow color to boot. Get this while you can!

See it at Maintenant on Etsy!

You sexy Beast! Perverted Pachyderms - Taylor and Ng Coffee Mug

Ah, only in San Francisco.

The people at Taylor and Ng designed some very iconic items for the home. I happen to have a T&N wok I bought just after I was married back in the, ahem, 1980s.

But everyone's favorites were their naughty mugs. All manner of beasts doing the beast with two backs. I also have another one, also elephants, but in a different style. Take a look...

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In loving memory of handmade

I remember when you could buy something on Etsy, and know it was actually handmade. What do I mean by handmade?

Something made by someone's hands. No mechanization involved. Yup, that means NO sewing machines, printers, computers, 3-d printers and the ilk.

It also means NOT made in a factory, no matter how small.

So in memory of what used to be considered handmade, I have designed, with the assistance of a computer, an image you can share with anyone and everyone. It isn't, by my definition, handmade, although Etsy may see it differently.

It's not OOAK, either.