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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Atkins Bros Silverplate Butter Server - Thorley's Special Prize

Anything will look elegant served in this lovely dish. Imagine lifting the dome and revealing something as simple as a cupcake, or as special as an engagement ring!

So, what's 'Thorley's Special Prize? You'll have to read more about it...

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  1. I know the post is old but anyway.... Thorley's Special Prize was a brand of cattle feed and silver/silver plate items made by Atkins Brothers roughly between 1860 - 1925 were given as prizes to farmers.

  2. I have Aust from my Blog, Life's Free Treats, titled, "The Prizewinning Pig". Thorley's did make cattle feed, and awarded the prizes for Best in Show. My Great Grandfather won the cruet set I wrte about in my post. Just thought it may be of interest. If you Google Thorley's Special Prize it will be listed.